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This December, our Planted Forests Facility comes to an end in its present form. Our warm thanks go to all those staff who have worked at the office, first under the banner of the EFIATLANTIC Regional Office, and then as a Facility.

Join us in celebrating their accomplishments, and the evolution of the perceptions of planted forests, during the last ten years:  

Read the last EFIPLANT newsletter:

A summary of the SURE project workshop and the England and Wales Wildfire Forum’s, November 2019
10 years demonstrating the potential and usefulness of modelling for decision support in planted forests : from the stand (for forest managers) to the landscape (for land use planners)

Knowledge exchange is not only about publications, but also about opportunities for exchange via projets, events, workshops, websites and sharing datasets. These are the key components of the wealth of networking activities led by the unit in the past decade.

Our latest science-policy study focuses on the opportunities and challenges for plantation forests in Europe.
Providing forest managers with science-based evidence to help adapt their forests to climate change
Fostering international dialogue on the contribution of planted forests to sustainable development.
Denmark has a relatively low forest cover of 14 percent, but great ambitions regarding the ecosystem services they wish those forests to provide.
New book reflects on how efforts to achieve the SDGs will impact forests and forest-related livelihoods. EFI's Georg Winkel is one of the editors, EFI's Camilla Widmark contributed to one of the chapters.
Contributing to risk management for forest areas susceptible to biotic and abiotic hazards
The EFI group in Cestas France has been actively engaged in studying the impacts of storms on forests and in disseminating that information
2019 marks an important milestone for the European Forest Genetic Resources Programme – EUFORGEN!
Antoine Kremer pays homage to the role of EFIPLANT in this European Research Group linking genomics, genetics, ecology and evolution
The European project, INTEGRAL, was a unique chance to illustrate and quantify the impact of decisions made by policymakers and stakeholders in the context of planted forest restoration in the aftermath of the 2009 wind storm.