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Latest news on Regional Offices

The start of the new year witnesses the gradual start of EFICENT. The funding agreements with German donors was signed in December, and the activities are gradually starting now in Freiburg. Funding agreement with the French donors is under preparation, as well. An information event of EFICENT activities is scheduled for 3 April.

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Head of Office for EFICENT appointed

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Mr Andreas Schuck (left) has been nominated as Head of Office of Central European Regional Office – EFICENT – and will take up his duties on 1 February. He has previously worked at the EFI Headquarters as Programme Manager of Research Programme Forest Resources and Information for the past 10 years.

Call for EFI Research Scholarships for EFI member organisations now open!

EFI welcomes applications from young researchers or PhD students who are employed by, attached to or registered with EFI Associate or Affiliate Members. This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for promising young researchers to reach out to the world of international forest research. Up to four scholarships are granted for research work to be done at the EFI Headquarters or at the Mediterranean Regional Office EFIMED.

The deadline for the applications is 31 March 2009. Check out the full announcement, guidelines for applicants and application forms here.



Joensuu Forestry Networking Week 2009

Fighting Climate Change: Adapting Forest Policy and Forest Management in Europe
24–29 May 2009, Joensuu, Finland

Registration closes on 31 January!

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Atlantic European Regional Office – EFIATLANTIC launches in February

EFIATLANTIC will be launched on 23 February 2009. In the same context, a new 4-year project – REINFFORCE – will be introduced.

Visit the IEFC website for further information and registration

Open Posts at EFI include a researcher position at EFIMED and the Observatory Manager at EFICENT.

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