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The start of the new year witnesses the gradual start of EFICENT. The funding agreements with German donors was signed in December, and the activities are gradually starting now in Freiburg. Funding agreement with the French donors is under preparation, as well. An information event of EFICENT activities is scheduled for 3 April.

Mr Andreas Schuck has been nominated as Head of Office of EFICENT and will take up his duties on 1 February. He has previously worked at the EFI Headquarters as Programme Manager of Research Programme Forest Resources and Information for the past 10 years.

The next RO to be launched is EFIATLANTIC based in Bordeaux, France. A launch event is planned for 23 February. More information on the event will follow shortly to EFI network.

The name of EFI-CEEC located in Vienna, Austria has been agreed on. It was formerly known as EFICEE during the proposal phase of Regional Offices.The Director will be visiting Vienna and meeting the representatives and donors of EFI-CEEC in early February.

Regarding EFISEE, the research agenda is under active development. The aim is to have it finalised for the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of EFI in early March, with an RO launch possibly in early June.

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