Forest Day 3: Summary statement

The third CIFOR Forests Day was held on the sidelines of the Copenhagen Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC on 12–13 December in Copenhagen, Denmark. EFI co-hosted a meeting with IUFRO on Boreal and temperate forests and climate change. Ms Jade Saunders from the EFI FLEGT Facility presented on lessons from EU FLEGT for designing an effective REDD regime; making the central message one of consumer responsibility for forests and forest products – including potentially carbon emissions avoidance/sequestration. The event was well-attended and the discussion interesting. Questions relating to the EFI presentation included when/if Russia would be expected to sign a Voluntary Partnership Agreement covering its timber exports to the EU and whether boreal and temperate forests ought also to benefit from an international payment mechanism to encourage their protection.

A summary statement of Forest Day 3 is available on the CIFOR website here

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