Joensuu Forestry Networking Week 2010: Forest-water interactions in Europe – Apply by January 29

The Joensuu Forestry Networking Week 2010 discusses science and policy used in decision making concerning the role of forests when regulating the water cycle and the role of forest management, and its effects on the quantity and quality of water. The topic “Forest-water interactions in Europe” is timely, as water issues are high on the political agenda and of utmost importance to forest owners. The networking week will not only address the various aspects of water and forests (e.g. droughts in southern Europe and its impact on forest), but also the water use of forests and its cooling effects on the atmosphere. Other concerns are the water storing possibilities under forests, and the role of forest management in affecting the water cycle. Scientific aspects, as well as governance and practical aspects will be addressed in detail as well.

As the deadline for submission of applications is 29 January, please send your application now. Further information is available at JFNW 2010 website.

The networking week is organised in co-operation with the COST Action: Forest Management and the Water Cycle (FORMAN) jointly by European Forest Institute (EFI), Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), University of Eastern Finland and North Karelia University of Applied Sciences.

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