Living with Storm Damage to Forests

The report helps the readers to better understand the many-sided impacts of windstorms to European forests and forestry. It is a comprehensive review of the impact of destructive storms to European forests and gives a thorough and wide-ranging review of each aspect of storm damage in a format and style that is readily accessible to specialists and non-specialists alike. The volume includes recommendations for further reading for those who wish to explore storm damage in more detail.

Barry Gardiner, Andreas Schuck, Mart-Jan Schelhaas, Christophe Orazio, Kristina Blennow and Bruce Nicoll are the editors of this volume, which brought together 27 experts as contributing authors.

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Further information: Barry Gardiner; firstname.lastname(at)bordeaux.inra.fr and

Andreas Schuck; firstname.lastname(at)efi.int

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