Trees4Future visits encourage networking

ToSIA allows researchers to analyse the environmental, economic and social impacts of changes in forestry-wood production chains or other natural capital value chains. The group received a hands-on introduction to the use of the tool, and then spent the rest of their time working with the model on individual case studies. These broadly focused on bioenergy from different angles:

  • ToSIA applied to Eucalyptus plantations for bioenergy in Brazil (Leire Iriarte, IINAS, Germany)
  • LTER Montado - Long term socio-ecological research in a Mediterranean cultural landscape (Paula Goncalves, University of Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Sustainability Impact Assessment of Alternatives Forest Wood Chain based on Energy Production in El Espinar, Spain (Gema Abad Martín, Technical University of Madrid, Spain)
  • Studying impacts of intensive forest biomass extraction on soil and tree carbon pools, forest productivity and nitrogen balances (Arnis Jurevics, SLU)
  • Use of ToSIA in Catalan Forest Biomass production – UTCFB (Pere Navarro i Maroto, CTFC, Spain)

Work will continue in their home institutions to finalise the chains, with support from EFI, and then make use of the method and results in publications. Diana Tuomasjukka, TMUG (ToSIA Management and User Group) coordinator said: “It was a great opportunity for a diverse group of researchers to visit together to encourage peer support, networking and exchange.”

EFI’s ToSIA and EFISCEN models are two of the 28 research facilities (models, genetic databanks, laboratory facilities) on offer to researchers via the Trees4Future project’s Transnational Access programme. Access is free and support for travel and subsistence is offered. Researchers and other experts from EU-member and associated countries are eligible to apply – proposals can be submitted via the Trees4Future website in a simple, two-step process.

For more information on how to apply, please visit www.trees4future.eu/transnational-accesses.html. The call is open until October 2015!

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Left to right: Diana Tuomasjukka (EFI), Arnis Jurevics (SLU), Paula Goncalves (University of Lisbon),    Gema Abad Martín (Technical University of Madrid), Leire Iriarte (IINAS), Pere Navarro i Maroto (CTFC), Michael den Herder (EFI)

Photo: Leire Iriarte

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