Start-up project of European Forest Risk Facility aims to connect knowledge

The FRISK GO start-up project targets to define and elaborate the core work pillars of a ‘European Forest Risk Facility’ and develop based on those a corresponding operational business plan and structural framework for a following implementation of a facility. Kick-off meeting of the project took place in Freiburg, Germany on 14 January.

The project is led and coordinated by Andreas Schuck and Alexander Held at the Central European Regional Office - EFICENT. The project lasts 18 months, and various EFI units have roles in it. The Regional Offices with their networks and partners play a crucial role in supporting the thematic disturbance workshops of the project. The kick-off meeting was attended by 34 international participants from 12 organizations, including eight EFI Associate Member organizations, a representative of the project donor (the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture , Germany) and EFI staff members involved in the project.

One of the key components of the FRISK GO are forest disturbance-workshops that are led by so called “Champions”. These are key persons across Europe from EFI member organizations with a responsibility to motivate an expert network that is well balanced between science and practice. Most of them will come from EFI member organizations. The workshops participants will contribute to build, form and benefit from the future Forest Risk Facility. These workshops will also provide the main content to the operational business plan of the Facility.

“Disturbances do not respect boundaries. However, forest risk management very often stops at boarders, at language barriers,etc. A Forest Risk Facility aims to help to overcome these obstacles.” states Dr. Frank Krumm, one of the involved scientists from EFICENT.

More information:
Andreas Schuck (andreas.schuck(at)efi.int) or Alexander Held (alexander.held(at)efi.int)

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