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News from the EFI Annual Conference!

The EFI Annual Conference gathered the EFI Associate and Affiliate Members as well as invited observers to Dublin Castle in Ireland on 3 September. The conference was followed by scientific seminar and excursion on the theme 'Forest Ecosystem Management in the 21st Century'. The events were attended by a record number of 180 participants showing the need for networking on current forest related issues in Europe. More news on the annual conference will follow in the forthcoming EFI News in October.

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Warm thanks go to our hosts in Ireland and EFI Fellows, Ted Farrell (left) and Fergal Mulloy (right)!

The presentations given at the 2009 Annual Conference are now available online.

The presentations of the Scientific Seminar will be soon available.

Changes in the EFI Board

The Annual Conference re-elected Jim Lynch for a second 3-year-term in the EFI Board. As Board member Prof. Dr. Birger Solberg was due to step down from the Board in 2009, the Conference voted on the new Board Member. Prof. Dr. J. Bo Larsen from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark was elected to the Board for the period 2009-2012. We would like to extend our warm thanks to Birger Solberg for his commitment in EFI activities over the years, and welcome J. Bo Larsen to the Board! 

EFI Annual Conference accepts the North European Regional Office – EFINORD

The 2009 EFI Annual Conference accepted  the proposal to establish a new regional office of EFI to be located initially in Copenhagen, Denmark. This regional office, EFINORD, will focus geographically on the Nordic countries, as well as the Baltic Sea region and parts of the North Atlantic region. The main research themes are planned around biomass production and technology as well as ecosystem services. The launch of EFINORD is expected in spring 2010. 

Koli Forum on Natural Resources brings together European leaders

The Koli Forum is a forward-looking, informal discussion platform for invited European leaders on economics and the sustainable use of natural resources. The first Koli Forum "On Natural Resources - Solutions to Questions of Renewable Energy and the Mitigation of Climate Change" will take place from 22-24 October 2009.

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Last call for registrations
Workshop: Opportunities, challenges and limitations of genomics-based technologies in forest tree breeding and forest genetics
7-9 October 2009, Freiburg, Germany

Workshop webpage

EFI Annual Conference 2011 to be held in Uppsala, Sweden

The Annual Conference elected the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences (SLU) as the host for the conference 2011. Welcome to Uppsala in 2011!

Call for hosting Annual Conference 2012 opens in 2010

In early 2010 EFI will open a call for hosting the Annual Conference in 2012. More information will follow in the EFI website and EFI News.


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