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EFORWOOD Special issue!

This issue of the EFI Network News is dedicated to the EFORWOOD project that ran from 2005 until 2009. With 38 partners from 21 countries and a budget of 20 million euros, funded by the EU 6th Framework Programme, it was an extensive undertaking by the forest research community in Europe. In the recent evaluation of the project, the European Commission praised the results and gave it excellent rating. We congratulate everyone involved in this project and look forward to its future spin-offs!

EFI Member organisations well represented in the EFORWOOD

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EFORWOOD gathered a great number of EFI member organisations to work together for over four years. Out from 38 project partners, 25 were EFI Member organisations from 17 countries. Also the project coordinator Skogfrosk from Sweden is a EFI member organization. It is no wonder then that the EFORWOOD meetings were almost like big ‘family re-unions’ and working relations were smooth and efficient.

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During the last EFORWOOD year it became clear that the future development and administration of ToSIA, including its support modules, should be considered for the time after the project ends. Consequently the board of EFORWOOD decided to establish the ToSIA Management and User group (TMUG). EFORWOOD partners, other research organisations and potential users of ToSIA are invited to join this “controlled network”. The membership in TMUG is based on the acceptance of a Memorandum of understanding (MoU). TMUG will be launched in Espoo (close to Helsinki, Finland) on the 7th of September. Before the launch there will be a ToSIA training session on 6-7 September. Late registrations are still possible until 1st of September (email to Kaj.Rosen@skogforsk.se)

Northern ToSIA

In the Northern ToSIA project - a first spin-off from EFORWOOD - the ToSIA method is now being adopted to real world applications in regional sustainable development planning and business applications in the Northern Periphery Region with case studies in North Karelia (Finland), the Malå community (Sweden), Cairngorms National Park (Scotland) and Indre Helgeland (Norway). More information on www.northerntosia.org.

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EFORWOOD Final Report published!

What ToSIA is and what EFORWOOD did is in detailed explained by the Eforwood Final Report, which will be online at www.eforwood.org and also within the EFI network. Hardcopies of this report written in a collaborative effort will also be sent soon to EFI Member Organisations.

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Forthcoming EFI Technical Reports

Selected EFORWOOD deliverable reports will be published in the EFI Technical Report series to make these reports more accessible. Scientific journal publications are also in the pipeline. The first two papers have already been published:

Lindner, M., T. Suominen, T. Palosuo, J. Garcia-Gonzales, P. Verweij, S. Zudin, and R. Päivinen. 2010. ToSIA – A Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment of Forest-Wood-Chains. Ecological Modelling 221:2197–2205.

Palosuo, T., T. Suominen, W. Werhahn-Mees, J. Garcia-Gonzales, and M. Lindner. 2010. Assigning results of the Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment (ToSIA) to products of a forest-wood-chain. Ecological Modelling 221:2215–2225.



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