EFI Member organisations well represented in the EFORWOOD

EFORWOOD gathered a great number of EFI member organisations to work together for over four years. Out from 38 project partners, 25 were EFI Member organisations from 17 countries. Also the project coordinator Skogfrosk from Sweden is a EFI member organization. It is no wonder then that the EFORWOOD meetings were almost like big ‘family re-unions’ and working relations were smooth and efficient.

Looking back in time, the time and effort invested in the EFORWOOD proposal was full of commitment. For example, during the proposal writing phase EFI administration spent a week in Sweden working away with Kaj Rosén and Gunilla Rodfors. We owe our sincerest thanks to them for leading this extraordinary project so successfully.

EFORWOOD part. 06 Uni.photo.jpg : 33.9111328125Kb

Participants in 2006 (above and below)...

EFORWOOD participants -autumn06 022_SIW.jpg : 30.7822265625Kb

Eforwood 05-Uni. photo.jpg : 12.22265625Kb

Konstantin von Teuffel, Diana Vötter, Risto Päivinen

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