EFI contribution in the Ministerial Summit on forests in Europe

EFI coordinated the Scientific Community Group Statement to the FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference. In the statement by EFI, IUFRO, IIASA and Bioversity International it was highlighted that “the Scientific Community remains committed to contribute to the development and implementation of the new Work Programme in cooperation and partnership with other key actors. In particular, we can provide valuable inputs to further development of sustainable forest management to address forest-related issues such as biodiversity, climate change, water, bioenergy, governance, improvement of forest reporting and monitoring systems as well as development of a common approach to valuation of forest ecosystem services."

EFI also contributed to the preparation of the “State of Europe’s Forest 2011” report presented at the Conference. The EFICENT-OEF in Nancy, France, had a lead role in coordinating together with the FOREST EUROPE Liaison Unit, the UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section and the FAO, the collection, validation and analysis of the qualitative (forest governance) indicators for SFM and in writing the respective chapters for the report. The EFICENT in Freiburg, Germany, together with the Finnish Forest Research Institute METLA, Joensuu, Finland, were responsible for preparing the chapters for Criterion 4 and 5 which incorporate the indicators on forest biodiversity and protective functions of forests.

Since last Ministerial Conference held in Warsaw in 2007 EFI has actively provided its contribution and input at Expert Level Meetings, as well as at several unofficial drafting meetings in preparations of the Oslo Summit.

Photo by Forest Europe @ Kilian Munch

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