Marc Palahí appointed as Assistant Director in Policy Advice

Dr. Palahí has a PhD in forestry and economics and a Msc. in forestry engineering. He has previously worked as Head of EFI Mediterranean Regional Office, EFIMED, where he has been coordinating research, capacity building and networking activities among a network of 40 research and education institutions from 18 Mediterranean countries. He also led EFI Project Centre MEDFOREX (2000-2007) in close co-operation with the CTFC (Forest Technological Centre of Catalonia), and has been a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Joensuu.

Dr. Palahí has coordinated various international research projects as well as published widely in peer-reviewed publications. He is also editor-in-chief for the newly established EFI publication series ‘What Science Can Tell Us?’.

More information: Risto Päivinen, Director, tel. +358 10 773 4313

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