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EFICEEC-EFISEE cooperation established

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The European Forest Institute (EFI) has increased its activities in the South-East Europe by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Croatian Forest Research Institute aiming at the establishment of the EFI South-East European Office, EFISEE, in Croatia. For the first two years EFISEE will operate jointly with the EFI Central-East European Regional Office, EFICEEC, located in Vienna, Austria, and its focus will be on the South-East European activities with its partnering organisations.

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Previous Chairman of the EFI Board appointed as President of INRA

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Prof.Dr François Houllier has been appointed on 27 July by the President of the French Republic as new President of INRA, the National Institute for Agricultural Research, France. Prof.Dr Houllier acted as Chairman of the EFI Board during 2004-2006.

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Vegetation management is a powerful defence against large wildfires

Large wildfires can only occur when there is a combination, at the same time, of three things: an ignition source, severe weather conditions (high temperatures, strong and gusting winds) and accumulation of combustible material in the vegetation. If we can remove any of these three factors, a large wildfire cannot develop. According to our fire ecology researchers at EFICENT-OEF, fire science based management of vegetation will reduce the vulnerability and make forest ecosystems more resilient.

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Living with wildfires

A terrible wildfire claimed four lives and destroyed 13000 hectares of Mediterranean forest on the border between France and Spain last week. In the EFI Discussion paper “Living with wildfires: what science can tell us?”, scientists examine the trends of wildfires in the region and look at the economic and social factors which contribute to causality.



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SNS celebrated its 40th anniversary

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