EFICEEC-EFISEE cooperation established

The European Forest Institute (EFI) has increased its activities in the South-East Europe by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Croatian Forest Research Institute aiming at the establishment of the EFI South-East European Office, EFISEE, in Croatia. For the first two years EFISEE will operate jointly with the EFI Central-East European Regional Office, EFICEEC, located in Vienna, Austria, and its focus will be on the South-East European activities with its partnering organisations.

The EFISEE office in Varaždin, Croatia, is set up for an interim period of 2012-2013. The aim of this interim phase is to explore future options for EFISEE as a Joint Office with EFICEEC or as a separate Regional Office.

The signing of the MoU follows the decisions by the EFI Annual conference in 2008 to set up EFI Regional Office EFISEE. It follows also the EFI Board decision and Scientific Advisory Board recommendation of March 2012 to investigate the possibility of establishing EFICEEC and EFISEE as a joint office in a similar way as we have EFICENT-OEF.

Mr Marko Lovrić (MSc in Forest Policy and Economics) has been appointed as EFISEE Manager. He has previously held the position of acting chair of Division for international scientific cooperation in South-East Europe EFISEE at the Croatian Forest Research Institute and worked as a researcher in forest policy.

The Croatian Forest Research Institute contributes to the EFISEE office with the secondment of three staff members. The overall activities of EFICEEC-EFISEE are led by the Head of EFICEEC office, Dr Bernhard Wolfslehner.

More information: Please contact Risto Päivinen, Director, firstname.lastname@efi.int


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