Forest innovation workshop held in Brussels

The workshop aimed at motivating Regions to cooperate in setting priorities for innovation in the forestry sector and to connect potential stakeholders around concrete actions which could be supported by EU funding programmes.

The workshop revealed an interesting diversity of regional perceptions on innovation challenges for the forestry sector in Europe. Many promising actions and approaches have been already implemented in some regions, they offer starting points for future cross-border cooperation. The main outcomes of the workshop will be disseminated to the Europen Commission services, the European Parliament, the Member States, the Regions and stakeholders of the forest-based sector.

More than 150 participants contributed to the event that was organized by EFI, ERIAFF (European Regions for Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Forestry), CEPF (European Confederation of Forest Owners), Euromontana (European Mountain Regions Network), Eustafor (European State Forest Association), and supported by the Regions of Basque Country, Free State of Bavaria, Castilla y Lèon, Catalonia, Extremadura, North Karelia, Toscana and Veneto.

Read more here. You can find the presentations of the workshop here.

Further information: Harald Mauser, Liaison Officer (harald.mauseremail.jpg : 0.4345703125Kbefi.int)

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