The Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda published

MFRA aims at networking and coordinating research at Mediterranean level, requiring a coordinated effort by the research community and related stakeholders (forest owners, NGOs, companies, public administration, etc) to utilise in an efficient and effective way the available international and national research funding resources.

MFRA aims to ensure the sustainability of Mediterranean forests and the goods and services they provide by advancing and sharing knowledge on forest ecosystems functions, and by developing new tools for forest management and governance in a context of global change. The contributors to the report agree that innovative development of sciences (climatology, economics, decision science, biology, ecology, information technology and geomatics, etc.) should be adopted and adapted by forest science. Education and sharing knowledge through strengthened capacity building are seen as major components of MFRA.

MFRA is structured around four strategic research priorities – selected on the basis of their intrinsic importance and significance for decision-making – in order to provide a scientific framework with which to meet the important challenges ahead.

The implementation of MFRA will allow the creation of a triangle of Mediterranean forestry knowledge of research, education and innovation, as well as a geographic triangle with its vertices in Mediterranean Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Both concepts will play a key role in a knowledge-based sustainable Mediterranean society.

The European Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) provided the framework for the Mediterranean forest research community to develop the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda (MFRA) as part of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) in order to highlight the main pan-Mediterranean forestry challenges as well as the scientific priorities, objectives and outcomes to address them. The work was co-ordinated by the Mediterranean Regional Office of the European Forest Institute – EFIMED.

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