News from the INC4 -meeting in Warsaw

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The discussion were sleepless and the positive atmosphere allowed the significant progress to improve the draft negotiating text, but the conclusion of the negotiations were postponed to the autumn months. The final decisions will be taken on the remaining elements (e.g. secretariat arrangements) during a INC4 Resumed session, including the finalization elements of a document by which the final draft agreement would be presented to ministers at the Extraordinary FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conference.

EFI was represented by Marc Palahí (Deputy Director), Jerker Brolén (Legal Council) and Hubert Inhaizer (Researcher/Project leader), and continued its support to the process as part of the INC Secretariat together with FAO and LUM. EFI also expressed its readiness to support the implementation of the LBA in the future according to the needs of the parties.

Photos: FOREST EUROPE Liaison Unit Madrid

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