Barcelona BioEconomy forum kicked-off!

Experts from science, government, business and the non-profit sector took part in the Advisory Meeting, which took place on the 19 June 2014. Among the participants were Dr. Faraj El-Awar, Secretary General UN-Habitat / GWOPA (Global Water Operator's Partnerships Alliance), Mr. Stanley Nyoni, President of The Natural Step, Switzerland, and Mr. Francisco Carvalho, Director of Amorim Natural Cork, Portugal. The Advisory Board is chaired by Prof. Martí Boada Juncà, Professor and Scientific Researcher at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

The idea to hold a Barcelona BioEconomy Forum was conceived in 2013, following the high-level discussion platform, Koli Forum, organised biennially in Finland since 2009. Koli brings together eminent representatives from business, science and international organisations to work on a strategic issue related to natural resources and the sustainability of their use.

Barcelona BioEco 2014, “Forests – a source of richness”, will look at the strategic and practical issues implied in the drive towards societal transition to a bioeconomy, with a particular focus on the role of Mediterranean forests. The Forum will be highly interactive, with moderated discussions and facilitated open workshops. Key themes discussed by the Advisory Board include the financing of non-tangible goods, accelerating the transition to a green economy, the water – energy – food nexus, and the need for a bioeconomy to be firmly based in sustainable development. The synthesis of their discussions will soon be available as the BioEco 2014 programme.

More information:
Inazio Martinez de Arano, Head of EFIMED (Mediterranean Regional Office of EFI) and Chairman of the Steering Group (inazio.martinezemail.jpg : 0.4345703125Kbefi.int) or event website.

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