EFI Annual Conference gathered member organisations for decision-making and networking

The participants also heard the mid-term results of the external evaluation the Institute is currently undergoing. The mid-term summary is a thorough analysis of EFI and among the issues raised are strengthening the strategy with policy advice and future role of EFI, compiling a research agenda covering all the research activities in EFI and funding issues and the decision making processes. The mid-term results have been made available to the EFI member organisations, Member Countries, EFI staff and conference participants. It is also available on request from Jarkko Heikkinen (firstname.lastname(at)efi.int) at the EFI secretariat.

The afternoon seminar on future forest policy directions in Europe and the potential contributions by EFI to it sparked off a vivid discussion. In this context there were presentations by representatives from the European Commission DG Agriculture and Rural Development and DG Environment as well as from Forest Europe. Presentations given at the Annual Conference on 15 September are available here.

A scientific seminar entitled "Biomass from Forests and Other Wooded Lands – Production and Use" was successfully held in the context of the Annual Conference. This event was organised by the Technische Universität Dresden. Presentations given at the scientific seminar are available here.

More photos and news from the annual conference will be available in the next EFI News!



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