Final report of the EUTR Support Study available

The project aimed to identify efficient ways to fulfill the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation and looked into options for recognition procedures of monitoring organisations and risk management systems, taking into account in particular relevant best practices.

The due diligence system should contain the following 3 elements:
1. Access to information;
2. Risk assessment;
3. Risk mitigation.

In the report the project team reviewed a number of applied systems. Based on the gathered information from the stakeholders the project team identified tools, which could be applied by operators to deliver the information, as it’s requested by the EU Timber Regulation.

The Article 8 of the EUTR deals with the role of Monitoring Organisations, third party organisations responsible in assisting and monitoring whether operators meet the requirements of the Regulation. The project team identified recognition requirements and procedures, which could assure the efficient and effective operation of the foreseen Monitoring Organisations.

EFI was the coordinator of the project. Sub-contractors were Indufor, Finland and University of Padova, Italy.

For additional background on the project and the EU Timber Regulation, please consult the websites of the:

European Commission

European Forest Institute

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