Forestry leaders met in Sarajevo for FOPER II Project

On 27 September, at the 1 st FOPER Research Colloquium, the seven Collaborative Regional Research Teams presented their work to the Deans, Directors, and several representatives of Ministries, Heads of Forest Enterprises, and other guests. The research topics focused on issues of critical policy and economic concerns related to forests in all countries in the region – forest biomass for energy, use of urban forests, attitudes of hunters, governance of protected areas, and new forms and mechanisms of forest governance in the forestry sector in all countries and in the region. Members of Forestry Faculties, Forest Research Institutes, Ministries responsible for Forests, and doctoral students from all countries were represented in each Regional Research Team.

On 28 September, the Program focused on issues related to Education – the theme for this year’s Steering Committee meeting. It will also provide benefits for graduate education in the FOPER Graduate College and Support Program for doctoral students in the region and the process of applying for European Accreditation for the International Masters Program in Forest Policy and Economics.

The program concluded with the business meeting of the Steering Committee on 29 September.

More information:
Prof. Dr. Margaret Shannon (margaret.shannon efi.int) or
Mr. Doni Blagojevic (doni.blagojevic efi.int).

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