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Register soon to EFI 2011 Annual Conference!

EFI 2011 Annual Conference takes place on 28-30 September in Uppsala, Sweden. The registration for the Conference continues until 9 September 2011. By now, we have over 120 registered participants. The registration form is available in the internet here.

If you have any queries about the Annual Conference, please contact the conference organisers at: AC2011‐info(at)efi.int

Hanging Moss or Timber – Northern Forests Leading the Way to Sustainability

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New ways to assess the sustainability of forest based activities in Northern Europe was the main topic of the Northern ToSIA final conference which was held in Rovaniemi, Finland on 18-19 August 2011. Drawing on several case studies, the final conference demonstrated how the results of the project can help managers balance the demands of different aspects of forestry, for example bio-energy and timber production, reindeer husbandry, wildlife management and recreation.

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Open posts at EFI

EFI is looking for a Head of Unit for its FLEGT & REDD Unit. There are also many other open posts at EFI:

Head of Unit for FLEGT & REDD Unit at Policy Advice Office, Barcelona, Spain
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Manager of Observatory for European Forests at EFICENT-OEF, Nancy, France
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Project Leader (Senior Researcher) on Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management at EFICENT-OEF, Nancy, France
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Researcher on Forest Biodiversity at EFICENT-OEF, Freiburg, Germany
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Senior Scientist on Forest Ecology and Management at EFIMED, Barcelona, Spain
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FTP-c7 -Conference
26-27 September 2011, Warsaw, Poland.

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Second Announcement and call for contributions: International Conference "Tackling Climate Change -The contribution of forest scientific knowledge", 21–24 May 2012, Tours, France
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The EU FLEGT Asia Regional Programme of the European Forest Institute has published three baseline studies covering the Mekong and China.
1. China: Overview of Forest Governance, Markets and Trade
2. Lao PDR: Overview of Forest Governance and Trade
3. Timber Trade Flow Maps of China and the Mekong Region


Eight GSForest PhD student (Early Stage Researcher) positions for 2012-2015 in The Finnish Doctoral Programme in Forest Sciences
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