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Less than a month to go to the EFI 20 Years Science and Policy Forum!

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Don't pass this opportunity to register for the EFI 20 Years Science and Policy Forum. It will take place in Nancy, France on 23-27 September 2013 and we have currently over 150 registered participants to the event. The Forum stretches for the whole week with various parallel side-events. On 25 September, a high-level conference: “Our forests in the 21st century – ready for risks and opportunities?” gathers both scientists and decision-makers.

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European forest biomass shows signs of carbon sink saturation

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The carbon sink services provided by European forests were predicted to be functional for decades. However, since 2005 there have been signs of sink saturation. Declining volume increment of trees, deforestation rates and higher vulnerability to natural disturbances such as fires, storms and insects play a part in this slow-down. These results are presented in a recent paper published in Nature Climate Change by an international team of authors including former EFI's Assistant Director Gert-Jan Nabuurs, currently from Alterra, Wageningen, and researchers from the EFI, FAO-UNECE Forestry and Timber Section, Arbonaut Ltd. and European Commission's Joint Research Centre.

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Read the latest EFI Insights from Brussels!

One of the benefits EFI offers its network is the new ‘EFI Insights from Brussels’ newsletter. It is produced by the EFI Brussels Liaison Office, and sent to the EFI member organizations and Member countries. The latest issue tells you about the new funding opportunities for innovation in forestry, namely within the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability. You can also find the newsletter here.

For further information, please contact Harald Mauser, Liaison Officer (harald.mauser @ efi.int).

IPCC Chairman Pachauri: Climate creates crises and new opportunities

“Without new efforts made by every country in the world, climate change will continue unabated. As a result, the risk of various crises and the struggle for dwindling natural resources, such as clean water, will increase. Despite the threat they pose, crises are also an opportunity,” stated Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri in his presentation in Joensuu on August 12.

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EFI Market at your use in Nancy on Thursday 26 September! Book a slot for your short presentation here!

Don't miss a session on FLEGT and REDD+, ‘Shaping forest policy: Global initiatives and the European arena’, on Thursday 26 September, with presentations about the forest governance research agenda that include: science contribution towards achieving the EU FLEGT Action Plan, FLEGT’s influence on markets, trade and economic development, Voluntary Partnership Agreements and forest governance.


Pan-European Criteria & Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management (CI-SFM):
Final conference on 8-9 October, Vienna, Austria.
Agenda available now! Register here.

Bottlenecks - On-line-Survey
by INFRES -project at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Department of Forest- and Soil Sciences
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FOREST EUROPE Photo and Video Contest: "Show off your forest"
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Forestry Commission videos on "Adapting Scotland's forests for resilience to climate change"
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Latest SNS Newsletter News & Views has been published
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