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European Forest Institute’s Policy Support office gets considerable support from Spain

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The European Forest Institute’s (EFI) office premises in Barcelona will increase considerably in June 2013 thanks to the agreement signed yesterday between Catalan Minister Lluis Recorder and the Administrator of Sant Pau, Josep Ramon Pérez.

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New EFI Strategy accepted by the Annual Conference

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The draft strategy developed during this year together with our member organisations, member countries and staff, was accepted by the Annual Conference on 3 October. The decision was preceded by a lively discussion and it was pointed out that the new strategy serves the member organisations now better than before. Chairman of EFI Board, J.Bo Larsen (above in the photo) presented the strategy at the Annual Conferece.

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New SAB members: Prof. Dr. Karl Hogl and Prof. Dr. Markku Kanninen

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the EFI opened a call for nominations of candidates to fulfill two SAB memberships for the period of 1.1.2013 – 31.12.2017. By the deadline, the SAB received total of seven high-level candidate nominations from its Associate Members.

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New website for implementing C&I for sustainable forest management in Europe

ci_logo_copy.jpg : 23.3818359375KbCriteria and indicators (C&I) have emerged as a powerful tool in promoting sustainable forest management (SFM). Since Rio 1992, several international processes and initiatives have developed criteria and indicators as a policy instrument to evaluate and report progress towards sustainable forest management. The FOREST EUROPE process has developed a pan‐European set. By now, this set has served as the basis for State of Europe’s Forests assessments in 2003, 2007 and 2011, and provided the basis for regional and national policy formulation, analysis and monitoring.

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EFI highlights of the year 2011!
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Conference of the Association for Irregular Forest, 7-9 November 2012, Mâcon, Bourgogne, France.
More information: Patrice Harou (firstname.lastname@efi.int)

RoK-FOR Final Conference: Green Growth from Forests - Regions providing innovative solutions for the forest-based sector. 4 December 2012, Natural Science Museum, Brussels, Belgium.
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International symposium: Integrative approaches as an opportunity for conservation of forest biodiversity. 23-26 January 2012, Freiburg, Germany.
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Other news:

Expert database announced at the 2012 Annual Conference in Istanbul! EFI is compiling a directory of experts for the forest-sector and related sectors. Submit information about your expertise here.

The European Commission has launched the Stakeholder consultation for the Bio based industries PPP. The consultation runs from 21 September 2012 to 14 December 2012.
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Check out the new website of FOREST EUROPE!

Open posts at EFI:

Research Assistant at the EFICENT-OEF Office, Nancy, France.
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Junior Researcher at the EFIATLANTIC Office, Cestas, France
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