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The EFI 20 Years Science and Policy Forum aims to stimulate balanced discussion between policy/decision makers, stakeholders and scientists, and give a taster of current important and concrete issues.

There are three sessions at the high-level conference on 25 September, which focuses on risks and opportunities for forests in the 21st century:

  • The first session mainly relates to policy aspects. The goal is to "set the scene” by providing broad views from the angle of science, international policy, and from various high-level forums and EU bodies on the strategies and policies to be implemented for counteracting risks and creating opportunities.
  • The second session will present the views of some practitioners/stakeholders in forestry, for example forest owners. It will be illustrated with a few “on the ground” case studies.
  • The third session, “what science can tell us”, will demonstrate using examples how scientific expertise can contribute to better policies and strategies related to risk and uncertainty management.

A general discussion involving an expert panel and the whole audience will also generate ideas for new instruments which can facilitate efficient knowledge uptake by decision makers.

The full programme for the day, including details of speakers, is available here.

The event has interpretation EN-FR-EN.

Registration closes on 9 September 2013 - secure your place now!

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