The Annual Conference moves towards more dialogue

Dr. Marc Palahí, Assistant Director of Policy Advice, EFI, spoke about the positioning forest science in Europe at the frontier of knowledge. As he pointed out “We have substantial capacities in Europe to do this. At the same time we have a fragmented research community”. Mr. Timothy Hall, Head of Unit, DG Research spoke about the potential role of forest research contributing to Europe 2020 Strategy. According to him, EFI has great potential in creating the European Forest Research Area. Mr. Michal Jarczynski of the Forest-Based Technology Platform encouraged scientists to be more marketing-oriented in order to change the perception of how the sector is perceived. Finally, Mr. J.M. Solano, FOREST EUROPE, Liaison Unit Madrid presented the latest news about the Forest Europe process.

The Scientific Seminar organised by Prof. Jan-Erik Hällgren, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, concentrated on two themes. New opportunities and challenges through new genetic methods and findings and how the forest should be managed to maintain viable forest management while preserving biological diversity, protecting the environment and climate, and other values.

The Annual Conference week ended to a fantastic field trip organized by Skogforsk. The main objective of the field trip was to display the current challenges of Swedish forestry - Use without overuse. The field trip took the participants to the surroundings of Uppsala, to the area with a land use heritage marked by iron production. Today the land use is influenced by a diverse forestry with the purpose of extracting various goods from the forest.

We are looking forward to the next Annual Conference which will be held on 3-5 October in Istanbul, Turkey. See you all there!

The presentations given at the Conference are available at EFI website.


Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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