EFICENT takes stakeholders to experience forest management from research to practice

The tour took the group to Switzerland and Italy to see the impact of forest fires in the dry central alpine valleys of Valais and Aoste. The participants were able to share views and learn from the colleagues both in research and practice in Switzerland where efforts to mitigate fire effects like erosion, mud slides and avalanches play an overly important role in risk management. Extensive amounts of budget have to be spent in Switzerland when protection forest is burned and slow post-fire tree establishment is adding to the safety problem.

“The Annual EFICENT Forest Management Study Tours are part of the EFICENT project line Research to Practice (R2P). We think they are important because they foster the exchange of knowledge from science to practice and vice versa. They also stimulate ideas for new cooperation and research among our members and influence in the long term the forest policy support of EFI.”, says senior researcher Daniel Kraus from EFICENT.

The 2012 Annual EFICENT forest management study tour was organised jointly by EFICENT, WSL and Pau Costa Foundation. In 2013 the tour will take place in Sweden and focus on the use of fire in nature conservation and in commercial forestry, boreal fire ecology and wildlife management.

Download the full report of the study tour.

Further Information: Daniel Kraus, firstname.lastname@efi.int

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