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Looking forward to Nancy!

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The EFI 20 Years Science and Policy Forum takes place in Nancy, France next week! The Forum stretches from 23-27 September 2013, including a variety of side-events.

Around 230 participants are now registered for the event. At the EFI 20 years website you can find the latest updates to the programme, read the speaker biographies, and find detailed practical information.

EFI Barcelona inaugurated

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Celebrations took place in Barcelona on 4 September as the Sant Pau facilities where EFI has its Barcelona Office were inaugurated. Director Risto Päivinen (in the picture) was one of the speakers at the event.

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European biofuels vote: EFI looks at implications for European forest sector

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The European Parliament approved limits on the use of crop-based biofuels on September 11, placing a 6% cap on the amount used in transport energy by 2020. A recent paper by EFI on EU renewable energy targets discusses the feasibility and sustainability of using forest biomass as an alternative energy source.

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Future direction of pan-European criteria and indicators debated

The challenges for implementing criteria and indicators (C&I) for sustainable forest management in a changing policy environment will be discussed at a Pan-European Forum in Vienna, Austria on 8-9 October 2013.

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EFI Annual Conference 2013 Practicalities

The official background documentation for the Decision-making Session on 24 September 2013 is now available. Please note that there is no internet connection at the venue (Aquarium Museum, 34 rue Sainte-Catherine - 54000 Nancy) and we recommend you print a copy of the background documents or download them onto your laptop before travelling to Nancy.

Background documentation (12.4 MB)

Climate change book published

A new book from the MOdels for AdapTIVE forest Management (MOTIVE) project provides insight into climate change challenges in European forests.

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FTP Partnering Event 2013

Register now for the FTP Partnering Event 2013 for Horizon 2020 and COST Actions in the area of the forest-based bioeconomy. The event will be held at Munich Aiport, on 15 November 2013.
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Latest publications

“Conditions and prospects for increasing forest yield in Northern Europe”
Writing of the report was coordinated by the EFINORD Regional Office, involving experts from the 13 countries in the region. Read it here.

"Climate Change Guidelines for Forest Managers"

EFICEEC-EFISEE Head of Office, Bernhard Wolfslehner is among the contributors.
Read it here.

IUFRO Spotlight #15 "Planted forests' Roles: Different strokes for different oaks"
Focuses on the findings from the recently published Summary Report of the 3rd International Congress on Planted Forests, coordinated by EFIATLANTIC.
Read it here.


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