Future direction of pan-European criteria and indicators debated

CI-logo_small.jpg : 15.2724609375KbThe forum will bring together international experts to discuss the findings from the CI-SFM project, which has provided the first objective review of the pan-European set of C&I for sustainable forest management, and of how they have been implemented. Policy makers and administrative bodies will be interested in the lessons learned over the last 10 years, and whether their efforts in data collection and processing are useful and making a difference.

Hubert Inhaizer, CI-SFM project leader said: “C&I have developed as powerful tools over the last two decades, and have played a central role in the implementation of sustainable forest management. However, the generated information and assessments are currently only used in the forest sector – now we want to explore new directions and applications for C&I in a changing policy environment.”

The forum will bring together regional analysis and experiences collected from national reports, and allow discussion of achievements and good practices, as well as remaining gaps and challenges, emerging issues and new, cross-sector priorities for the future. A wide range of stakeholders from the forest and other sectors is invited to attend.

The CI-SFM project is coordinated by the European Forest Institute and financed by the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection.

More information: Hubert Inhaizer, CI-SFM project leader (hubert.inhaizer @ efi.int)

The draft agenda for the Pan-European Forum is now available.

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