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Green light from the Annual Conference!

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“EFI is a catalyst that can maximise the impact of its member organisations’ activities,” stated EFI´s Interim Director Marc Palahí at the EFI Annual Conference earlier this month. “For example, when it comes to research, we can connect disciplines and sectors for the benefit of our member organisations,” he continued.

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EFI Young Scientists Session: "Building the future"

This networking session was held in connection with the EFI 2014 Annual Conference on 10 September. The session offered a good platform to connect young European forest scientists among themselves as well as with senior scientists.

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Bioeconomy means diversification for the forest-based sector

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“The European forest sector is in a state of creative destruction,” stated Prof. Dr Lauri Hetemäki, at the European Forest Institute’s seminar ‘Future of Bioeconomy in Europe’ in Bilbao, Spain.

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Climate change and European forests

Research on the changing climate and impacts on forest ecosystems has already been carried out for over two decades. However, there is a still a knowledge and communication gap as to how the various climate change scenarios can be interpreted, and what they really mean for European forests. Many uncertainties and unknowns remain and it is difficult to communicate these to non-scientists while retaining emphasis on the importance of planning for adaptation.

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2014 Annual Conference Week

The presentations of the various events can be found below:

Few highlights:

  • Jørgen Bo Larsen was elected as the Chairperson of the Board and Giuseppe Scarascia‐Mugnozza as the Vice‐chairperson of the Board.
  • The Board endorses election of Bill Slee as the new Chairman of the SAB as of 1.1.2015.

  • The Conference  decided to have the Annual Conference 2016 in Vienna, Austria.

  • Bilbao, European Forest City 2014 passes the nomination to St.Petersburg for the year 2015.

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See you all next year for the 2015 Annual Conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia! Our main hosts will be the Saint‐Petersburg Forest Technical University.


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