Green light from the Annual Conference!

Under the chairmanship of Andreas Kleinschmit von Lengefeld of Institut technologique FCBA (France), the member organisations of EFI met at the Annual Conference and gave green light to the Institute’s strategic directions. The member organisations called for increasing EFI’s role in bringing added value to them through mechanisms that are not available at national levels, such as participating in synthesis work or research consortia led by EFI. The participants also noted that while EFI is engaged in policy support, research and science should not be compromised.

A special members’ dialogue session allowed for extensive discussions on e.g. the role of EFI Regional Offices, and it was seen that they are crucial in overcoming fragmentation of European forest research. They are close to member organisations at the regional level and provide the opportunity to broaden regional issues into a European context. At the end of the Conference, the Chairman of the Conference congratulated the participants for truly engaged dialogue, and asked EFI to keep this dialogue ongoing throughout the year.

The EFI Annual Conference is one of the key decision making bodies of the Institute. Associate and Affiliate Members meet at this event annually, and also Member Countries take part in it actively. This year the Annual Conference was organised on 10-11 September in Bilbao, Spain, with the kind support from regional organisations and stakeholders.

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Further information about the event is available here.

Photos by Inigo Sierra Gomez

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