Payments for Environmental Services: a Way Forward for Mediterranean Forests – Register by 22 November!

Mediterranean forests and woodlands, which cover 73M ha, are the main ecological infrastructure in the region. They provide valuable ecosystem services, relevant for the most strategic resources of the region to sustain life: water, soil and biodiversity.

However, the sustainable provision of forest goods and services is seriously threatened by drastic and rapid climate and land use changes. The challenge is to find ways to finance adaptive forest management strategies, given the low profitability of traditional forestry. Payments for environmental services (PES) are increasingly acknowledged on the policy arena as an approach to recognise the value of ecosystem services and to generate financing for effective ecosystem management.

The objectives of the Payments for Environmental Services: a Way Forward for Mediterranean Forests? -seminar are to:

  • discuss the specific economic nature of Mediterranean forests and their goods and services;
  • present the latest scientific knowledge on payments for environmental services and their practical implementation in the Mediterranean region and
  • discuss the potential of PES to address specific problems of Mediterranean forests (e.g. forest fires, deforestation).

A detailed programme of the event is available at the ThinkForest website. Registration is currently open, and an online registration form is available here. Please register before 22 November!

More information: Marc Palahí, Assistant Director for Policy Support  (firstname.lastname@efi.int)  

Photo by: Vodrazkova Viera, Fotolia

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