EFI Winter and Summer School 2013: Making values work – Sustaining multiple values in managed forests

The WSS 2013 will take place at two different forest management situations – industrial forests in the Aquitaine region around Bordeaux, France (Week 1), and alpine forests in the Austria (Week 2). Students will explore these two forest management types based on different cultural histories, socio-economic characteristics and environmental conditions. For the two management types, they will investigate how the cultural histories, socio-economic characteristics and environmental conditions are associated with values, preferences, expectations that the society has towards them, and how they may differ. In order to investigate this, the students will have the opportunity to not only explore the forest management in the field, but also to meet with and interact with a range of relevant actors who are responsible for forest management and those who are affected by it.

Dates and venue:

Winter School (Week 1): 17 - 23 March 2013, Parc Lands de-Gascogne, Belin-Beliet (near Bordeaux), France.

Summer School (Week 2): 08 - 14 September 2013, Gmunden, Austria.

For general questions contact:

Andreas Schuck (andreas.schuck(at)efi.int). For practicalities regarding week 1 contact Claudia Antoniotti (claudia.antoniotti(at)efi.int) and Gerhard Weiss for week 2 (gerhard.weiss(at)boku.ac.at). Application form can be found here. Deadline for applications: 14 December 2012.

More information: WSS website.

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