Marc Palahí appointed as Deputy Director of EFI

Dr. Palahí has a PhD in forestry and economics and a M.Sc. in forestry engineering. For the past 1,5 years, he has been leading the EFI policy support activities of the Institute. During this time he has been instrumental in launching ThinkForest, a European high-level forum on the future of forests. He has also worked as a Head of EFI Mediterranean Regional Office, EFIMED, where he has been coordinating research, capacity building and networking activities among a network of 40 research and education institutions from 18 Mediterranean countries. He also led EFI Project Centre MEDFOREX (2000-2007) under the CTFC (Forest Technological Centre of Catalonia), and has been a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Joensuu. The current Deputy Head of EFIMED, Robert Mavsar, will be the Acting Head of EFIMED from January onwards.

More information: Risto Päivinen, Director, tel. 358 10 773 4313

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