A meeting of firsts: pioneering and innovating for EFIMED Week 2013

The Honourable Joana Ortega i Almany, Vicepresident of the Generalitat de Catalunya, opened the Annual Meeting on 4 September and returned to the gardens of Sant Pau that evening for a Gala Reception in celebration of the recent installation of EFI's Barcelona Office in the Sant Leopold Pavilion.

Josep Lluís Alay, member of the Board of the Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital Private Foundation and Joan Puigdollers i Fargas, Chairman of the City Council of Barcelona were among participants, as well as other city dignitaries. EFI officials included Chair of the Board, Jørgen Bo Larsen, Director, Risto Päivinen and Deputy Director, Marc Palahí. Over 100 leading researchers, practitioners and policy makers in Mediterranean forestry also attended the event.

The aim of the Annual Meeting was to discuss EFIMED’s strategic direction over the coming years, within the context of developments at EFI and in the Mediterranean network. The strategic plan of the FORESTERRA ERA-net project was also announced, in preparation for an international funding call for the improved integration of forest research programmes in the Mediterranean region and other Mediterranean Climate Areas, with speakers from Australia, California, Chile, and South Africa adding a global perspective. Speakers from around the network participated in the first EFIMED Market Place while meeting participants also had the opportunity to network and take steps towards building trans-national consortia for the forthcoming calls for proposals.

The Scientific Seminar on 5 September was the first international scientific meeting dedicated to the complexity science of Mediterranean forests, presenting an exciting opportunity to look at innovative solutions for Mediterranean forest management. Distinguished complexity scientists Ricard Solé (ICREA), Christian Messier (University of Quebec) and Lluis Coll (CTFC) were among the keynote speakers who presented the state-of-the-art of this new approach and posters were presented by young scientists.

Participants had a chance to get out into the field on Friday with a Field Trip to Poblet, Catalonia, where they encountered at first hand a variety of management methods being implemented at the site including management of the coppice forest, grazing, mushroom production and climate change and drought experiments.

More info on EFIMED week is available here.

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