“Celebrating 20 years of forest networking in Europe” book published

EFI’s Director, Risto Päivinen said: “To adapt to the world which is coming, we need to understand our history and the driving forces which have brought us here. I believe the statements in this book can help us to remember where we are coming from, and to see how we can serve better our constituents during the next 20 years.”

The book celebrates the commitment and support of EFI’s network of 25 Country Members and 130 member organisations from 36 countries. Making use of interviews and comments from key figures and collaborators, it traces EFI’s development from its origins in 1993 to today’s vibrant international organisation.

The book has been produced with support from: Metsämiesten Säätio, Regional Council of North Karelia, Metsähallitus, City of Joensuu, Nordea and Lähitapiola.

Two special issues focusing on EFI’s 20th anniversary are also published in September in the German Forest Journal AFZ-DerWald and French journal Revue Forestière Française. These highlight the contributions of EFI’s network to European forest issues over the last two decades, and acknowledge the network’s strength and commitment.

An online version of the book will be available here.

More information: Rach Colling, Communications Officer (web and project communications), European Forest Institute, e-mail rach.colling(at)efi.int

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