55 EFI Technical Reports on sustainability impact assessment

EFORWOOD’s main aim was to develop a tool for sustainability impact assessment of forestry-wood chains (FWC) at various scales of geographic area and time perspectives. An FWC consists of a number of interconnected processes – from forest regeneration to the end-of-life recycling of wood-based products – which are determined by economic, ecological, technical, political and social factors.

The computerised decision-support tool (ToSIA) which was developed by EFORWOOD analyses the sustainability impacts of existing and future FWCs, helping decision-makers in politics, government departments and industry to make sound and reliable decisions on forestry and forest product manufacturing and consumption.

The reports are available to download as pdfs.

Further information:
EFORWOOD: www.eforwood.com
ToSIA: http://tosia.efi.int
Northern ToSIA: www.northerntosia.org

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