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EFI News 3-2011 focuses on networking!

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The latest issue of EFI News looks at the EFI 2011 Annual Conference which gathered EFI member organisations and other key partners to Uppsala, Sweden for decision-making and networking. As an outcome of the Conference, two issues emerged as a priority for EFI: shift towards more dialogue between EFI and its membership organisations and move forward with an international high-level discussion forum on forests, ThinkForest.

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Milestone agreement to prevent illegal wood imports to EU from Central African Republic

By 2014, all shipments of wood products to the European Union from the Central African Republic will be required to carry a licence certifying their legal origin, after a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) was signed today between the EU and the Central African Republic.

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EFIMED receives top award for forest fire protection

On 24 November EFI Mediterranean Regional Office – EFIMED received an important Spanish award in recognition of its outstanding merits in forest fire protection. Each year the Spanish non-governmental organisation 'Asociación para la Promoción de Actividades Socioculturales (APAS)' gives the 'El Batefuegos de Oro' (Golden Fire Swatter) award to distinguished persons or organisations with outstanding merits in forest fire protection.

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Ex-Post Evaluation of the EU Forest Action Plan kicked off

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Building on the EU Forest Action Plan’s (FAP) mid-term evaluation, the ex-post evaluation will provide a review of the implementation, effectiveness and appropriateness of the EU Forest Action Plan. This evaluation should also analyse, if the objectives of the FAP have been met, if it has led to any side effects, whether the instruments used are appropriate, relevant, effective and efficient and what was the role of the key actors.

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Further collaboration for integrated forest research is needed in Europe

The autumn 2011 issue of Public Service Review: European Union (issue 22) is now online. One of the articles was written by EFI’s Assistant Director Gert-Jan Nabuurs and it features the way forward with European forest-related research.

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Open post at EFI:
Administrative Officer (Acting)
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The European Journal of Forest Research vol. 131/2012 has many articles with EFI contribution.
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The United Nations Climate Change Conference has begun in Durban, South Africa on 28 November and runs until 9 December.
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COST FP0603 Final meeting: Forest models for research and decision support in sustainable forest management in Pierroton (Bordeaux), France on 1–2 March 2012.
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Workshop on evaluation of European long-term experiments to compare the growth of mixed and pure stands in Alnarp, Sweden on 12–15 March 2012.
More information: please contact Lars Drössler, lars.drossler(at)slu.se

Improving Forest Governance Course for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation arranged by Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT) at the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom on 4 June – 13 July 2012.
Deadline for applications: 16 December 2011.
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