Further collaboration for integrated forest research is needed in Europe

The autumn 2011 issue of Public Service Review: European Union (issue 22) is now online. One of the articles was written by EFI’s Assistant Director Gert-Jan Nabuurs and it features the way forward with European forest-related research.

According to Nabuurs, international collaboration in forestry research has been fostered greatly since the early 90s by the framework programmes of the EU. These stimulated the formation of international consortia, each with a lifetime of approximately four years, and the exchange of students and researchers became common. Despite this, many research approaches and concepts have not changed significantly while the demands on forests have diversified and increased a great deal. Compared to other sectors, forest-related research has been left behind. Furthermore, European forest- related research is still too fragmented, and inward oriented.

To provide the required future needs for research, changes in research infrastructure need to take place in order to increase innovation along the wood chain from genetics to forest management and harvesting, and back via the recycling of a variety of new wood products. This can only be achieved in key integrated forest-related research and knowledge centres across Europe.

Read the full article on pages 202–203 here.

Further information is available from Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Assistant Director of EFI (firstname.lastname(at)efi.int)

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