EFIMED receives top award for forest fire protection

This year, the jury chose EFIMED to receive the 2011 honour for its international work and trajectory among fire related issues. The award was given for 'Living with wildfires: What Science Can Tell Us' -publication which gave new knowledge to policy-makers, managers and practitioners, the MASIFF project and the numerous summer schools and grants EFIMED has funded with great impacts. This award has been previously awarded to FAO, USDA Forest Service, Australian Forest Fire Protection Services to name just a few.

“This is a great honour for EFIMED, because it means that the society, forest fire experts and technicians recognise the work of EFIMED in the field of forest fires. However, it also means an "obligation" that we need to continue in this manner and bring top scientific knowledge to the right addresses” said Robert Mavsar, Deputy Head of Unit, after receiving the award in Madrid.

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