Ex-Post Evaluation of the European Forest Action Plan published

The Action Plan is the main instrument for implementing the EU Forestry Strategy and coordinating forest-related issues between the Commission, Member States and international levels, as well as between sectors which affect forestry in the EU. The report looks at the Action Plan’s implementation between 2007-2011.

The team assessed the effectiveness, efficiency and appropriateness of the implementation, using surveys and personal interviews, as well as extensive document reviews. They found that the Action Plan had been a useful means of operationalising the EU Forestry Strategy principles, and coordinating action across the Member States and EU. However, there were limitations to the leverage that the Action Plan could exert on policy processes at EU level, or implementation at Member State level. The report puts forward key recommendations, which will be used in current debates on the follow up of the EU Forest Action Plan and the new Forest Strategy.

Hubert Inhaizer, coordinator of the evaluation, explained that the ex-post evaluation of the EU Forest Action Plan provided a unique occasion to assess the forest and forestry-related activities of the Member States and the Directorate Generals of the European Commission in a unified way. "Besides the significant achievements in implementing the EU Forest Strategy, we found also new challenges, which raised or received more attention in the recent years. But here I would emphasize particularly the communication and coordination, which remains a key issue inside and outside the forest sector. Only with innovative and well targeted tools can we secure the joint work of the involved stakeholders and with that assure the environmental, social and economic functions of our forests to the benefit of the EU and global societies.”

More information: Hubert Inhaizer (firstname.lastname@efi.int)

Full report is available here: http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/evaluation/market-and-income-reports/forest-action-plan-2012_en.htm

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