Agreement on forests in Europe delayed

The two-day session was: preceded by informal consultations held on 6 November 2013; and attended by about 160 participants, including delegates from 38 countries and the European Union and observers from the United States, five regional and international organizations, and 10 producer associations and non-governmental organizations. The FAO served as the Secretariat during session, assisted by EFI and the Liaison Unit Madrid.

Resumed INC-Forests4 was unable to produce breakthroughs on the bracketed articles of the draft convention text, the draft decision to be sent to the Extraordinary Ministerial Conference, which will review the results of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee, and arrangements on institutional matters. The unfinished convention text and draft decision were forwarded to the Extraordinary Ministerial Conference to be held at a date to be determined, for consideration and appropriate action. Follow the developments of this issue here.

Read EFI Deputy Director Marc Palahí’s personal view on the negotiations: “A ‘wooden curtain’ prevents a European forest convention”.

Photo: Hubert Inhaizer/EFI

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