Experiences and future of sustainable forest management in Europe

Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) was defined by FOREST EUROPE 20 years ago and is nowadays a broadly accepted concept in the forest sector. Much progress has been made since its definition, and different tools have been developed in order to put this concept into practice.

One of these tools is the pan-European set of Criteria and Indicators (C&I), which has been proved a useful basis for regional and national policy formulation, analysis, monitoring and reporting on SFM. This C&I set has been, however, used in a different extent in the pan-European region.

The project on Implementing criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management in Europe (CI-SFM), coordinated and conducted by EFI, in close cooperation with FOREST EUROPE, UNECE/FAO, Metla and other experts, has provided first time comprehensive information on the implementation of C&I in the pan-European region. Its outcomes, which will be presented during the side event, provide, thus, a useful framework for further discussion on their future use.

Communication and awareness raising is needed within the forest sector and among other sectors and society of the importance of SFM. Both FOREST EUROPE and METLA will present their work with this aim during the side event.

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