Russia workshop focuses on cooperation and synergies

“All of us here share a common interest of enhancing cooperation and activities with Russia”, said Marc Palahí, EFI’s Deputy Director (left in the photo). “With these three organisations, Joensuu and North Karelia can be a reference hub for cooperation with Russia both at the scientific level and the policy level.”

Elena Kulikova (right in the photo) from WWF Russia explained the current state of forest policy in Russia, and the development of the recent Basics of the State Forest Policy of the Russian Federation. The process of creating this document took a new participatory approach, with input from different types of stakeholders, including federal and regional authorities, NGOs and businesses.

Participants also heard about Russian-related projects at the three institutions, including Metla’s CONIFER project, EFI’s new Project Centre RUSFOR on Forest Policy and Governance, and UEF climate change research in the Russian arctic.

Photo: Maria Jalavisto/EFI

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