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New Head of EFI FLEGT and REDD Unit appointed

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Mr. Heiko Liedeker has been appointed as the Head of the FLEGT and REDD Unit at the European Forest Institute. Mr. Liedeker will start his service at EFI in January 2012, and will be based in the EFI Policy Advice Office in Barcelona, Spain.

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New Nordic and Baltic forest info service

NB Forest, a website offering research-based information on Nordic and Baltic forests and forestry has launched. Be sure to add www.NBforest.info to your bookmarks!

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Tree species maps for European forests

EFI in cooperation with Alterra / Wageningen University and Research Centre has released a set of 1x1 km tree species maps showing the distribution of 20 tree species over Europe.

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New approaches to forest education in Russia

The qualifications framework for sustainable forestry and lifelong learning project (SUFAREL) will focus, in the next three years, at improving higher professional education in forestry in Russia. The project had its kick-off meeting in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia on 14-16 November 2011.

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Northern ToSIA project finalised

The Northern Periphery Programme (NPP) project “Northern ToSIA” ended this November with impressive results. In terms of ToSIA tool development: We can proudly present an improved, multilingual ToSIA with better functionality in reporting and comparing results, including user-friendly data wizard for database.

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First Announcement: Joensuu Forestry Networking week 2012,  20-25 May 2012, Joensuu, Finland.
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International Conference: Landscape and Health: Effects, Potential and Strategies, 24-25 Jan 2011, Zürich, Switzerland. Deadline for registering: 25 December 2011.
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International Conference: Tackling climate change: the contribution of forest scientific knowledge, 21-24 May 2012, Tours, France.
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Happy Holidays and best wishes for the year 2012!

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