New Nordic and Baltic forest info service

The NB Forest portal provides news, facts and research results from the Baltic Sea region, alongside reviews, a calendar of events and a blog. The first blog “What should we do with our forest” is written by Professor Bengt-Gunnar Jonsson from Mid Sweden University. Blog submission is open for all and highly encouraged. The country information section gives a brief overview of the forests, forest industry and research within each country. The information is provided by forest research institutions which participate in SNS and EFINORD’s networks, thereby covering the whole Nordic and Baltic Sea region.

The portal is a joint project of the Nordic Forest Research Co-operation Committee (SNS) and the North European Regional Office of the European Forest Institute – EFINORD. The project aims to build a bridge between national research communication and the global research arena.

“By cooperating we can strengthen the position of forest research in the Nordic and Baltic countries” said Pernille Karlog, chair of SNS.

Other forest research institutions in the Baltic Sea region are invited to participate in the project. The portal is a unique way to communicate research results and create a network of knowledge for participating institutions. They will gain direct access to new knowledge about forest research in the Baltic Sea region, and, free of charge, gain experience and capacity building. Information should be available in English, where possible.

More information: Mika Mustonen, Head of EFINORD, mika.mustonen(at)efi.int

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