Marko Lovrić defended his PhD on 16 June 2014. The title of his dissertation was 'Transposition of Natura 2000 directives into forestry of Croatia', and the disputation was held within the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources in Freiburg. The members of the disputation committee were Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schraml (University of Freiburg), Prof. Dr. Margaret Shannon (SUNY Buffalo / University of Freiburg) and Prof.Dr. Tom Snijders (University of Oxford / University of Groningen). The PhD was about how power and influence relations have affected formulation of Natura 2000 forest policy, both on inter-organizational and inter-personal level. The methods which were applied were social network analysis, discourse analysis and content analysis.

Salvatore Martire defended his PhD on 16 October 2014 at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Milano Bicocca (Milano). The commissioners were Prof. Davide Pettenella (chair) of the University of Padova, Prof. Filippo Brun of the University of Torino and Dr. Berien Elbersen of Alterra - Wageningen. The PhD project was about developing and applying methods and tools for sustainability assessment of energy supplies. For that, it has been crucial for Salvatore to spend six months as a visiting PhD student at EFI to apply ToSIA for an Italian case study.

Photo: Maria Jalavisto/EFI

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