EFIATLANTIC launch on 23 February!

On 23 February the EFI Regional Office EFIATLANTIC will be launched in Bordeaux, France. The programme includes presentations on the issues and challenges of the forest sector in the Atlantic region, as well as information on the EFIATLANTIC Regional Office – its organisation, mission and work plans.

EFIATLANTIC is the third EFI Regional Office to start its activities. It is based in Bordeaux, France, and it will concentrate its activities in Portugal, Atlantic Spain, Atlantic France, Ireland and UK. The general theme of EFIATLANTIC is the sustainable management and competitive utilisation of planted forest resources. The planned activities in the next five years (2009–2013) will contribute to three main research directions and topics identified in EFI strategy:
(1) Effects of forest management and the forest value chain on economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability in Europe.
(2) Impacts of climate change and other (a)biotic disturbances, and development of adaptation and mitigation strategies in forest management.
(3) Competitiveness of forest resources for energy and material products in relation to other natural resources.

The launch will take place in conjunction with a REINFFORCE project meeting and IEFC General Assembly. The REINFFORCE project aims at establishing and monitoring permanent research infrastructures on climate change adaptation of forest from Portugal to United Kingdom. Programme of the event: EFIATLANTIC_23_Feb.pdf , Register to this event.

More information:
Risto Päivinen, Director, European Forest Institute, firstname.lastname(at)efi.int
Christophe Orazio, Director, IEFC, firstname.lastname(at)iefc.net
Jean-Michel Carnus, Research site Director, INRA Aquitaine, carnus(at) pierroton.inra.fr

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