The Joensuu Forestry Networking Week 2011 - Forest and Energy

The Joensuu Forestry Networking Week 2011 (JFNW 2011) discusses science and policy used in decision making concerning the role of forests in energy questions. The fast growing population together with industrial development and still increasing poverty in developing countries has created a huge need to increase the energy production. Forests and forest energy, together with solar, water and wind power, are the most referred sources seen as a possibility to solve the problem.

The participants will be engaged in discussions, lectures, group work and excursions, and broadening their own expertise and contacts through active participation and networking. Group work will be an important component of the JFNW 2011. Aim of the group work is to learn together to use methodological approaches by practical exercises on the fields of forests and natural resource policy, dimensions of sustainability, procurement of forest biomass and new green businesses.

The interested applicants should submit short description (max 200-400 words) on the applicant’s background and interest in the field of the forest biomass for energy and CV with contact details. The requested documents have to be submitted by 15.2.2011 to Dr Sari Pitkänen (sari.k.pitkanen(at)uef.fi).

More information at the JFNW2011 website

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